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Want to learn software development, but don't have time for an in-person class?

Our self-guided course gives you the same lectures our in-person students receive, but you can study at your own pace.

You get over 13 hours of video!

This is also a great  Bootcamp Prep class and will help you prepare for any web development coding bootcamp, including ours!

You will learn the fundmentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript so you can start building web pages right away!

You'll also learn to use Git and GitHub to share your code with the world.

You can either purchase all 4 classes now for a discount, or buy them individually for $125 each.

 Tuition $600

$450 New Year, New Career Special!

This course is perfect for someone who wants to take the first step towards a great new career.

In 2018 we will be releasing additional courses in this series that will take you through front-end and back-end web development so you can build a portfolio of work on your path to becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer.

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Included Modules

Foundations of Software Development 1: HTML

  • Module 1: Into to the Internet and World Wide Web
  • Module 2: Basic HTML: Hello, World Page
  • Module 3: Adding Links to Other Pages
  • Module 4: Adding Images
  • Module 5: Homework!
  • Module 6: Entities (Adding Copyright Symbols, etc.)
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Foundations of Software Development 2: CSS

  • Module 7: Intro to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Module 8: Intro to Alternative Numbering Systems
  • Module 9: Intro to the Box Model
  • Module 10: Background Colors and Fonts
  • Module 11: Margins, padding and More about the Box Model
  • Module 12: Styling Your Project with CSS

At the end of class 1 you will have the option to buy class 2.

Foundations of Software Development 3: JavaScript, Git and GitHub

  • Module 13: Overview of Source Control with Git and GitHub
  • Module 14: Demo of Working with Git and GitHub
  • Module 15: Project Work
  • Module 16: Intro to JavaScript - History
  • Module 17: Intro to JavaScript - Hello, World!
  • Module 18: Variables and Loops in JavaScript

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Foundations of Software Development 4: JavaScript in the Browser

  • Module 19: JavaScript in the Browser Part 1
  • Module 20: JavaScript in the Browser Part 2
  • Module 21: Building a Tip Calculator
  • Module 22: Building a Random Sentence Generator
  • Module 23: Building a Simple Choose Your Adventure Game
  • Module 24: Intro to JavaScript Data Structures - Objects and Arrays
  • Module 25: Using JavaScript Data Structures

At the end of class 3 you will have the option to buy class 4.

What Our Students Say

Jean Kamga, Full-Time, Full-Stack Student
Jean Kamga, Full-Time, Full-Stack Student


Jean Kamga is one of our Full-Time, Full-Stack students.

Before joining our class he took an online class with and was struck by how much more in-depth our Intro to Web Development course is.

"I wasn't sure if I needed to take the Intro class at CCA since I had the CodeCademy Pro class, but I'm glad I did. The CCA class is much more detailed than the other one and goes into much more depth."

All 4 for $450!