Workshop: Bringing Minecraft Education Edition Into Your Classroom

No matter what subject you teach, Minecraft Education Edition can help you engage your students and get them excited about learning!

We can help you dive in and learn how to integrate Minecraft into your lesson plans.

We will include Minecraft Code Builder so you can teach your students to write code to control their little robot buddy in Minecraft!

Sessions (Max 12 Students per Class)

June 25 - 29

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Experienced Instructor

You know how important the teacher is, and at Code Career Academy we have a software pro who can help you gain confidence and skills.

Code Career Academy Chief Instructor Jeff Ammons has worked as a software developer for over 25 years and is both a Pluralsight Author and Microsoft MVP.

This is your chance to learn from an industry expert!


Normally $1,100 only $999 if you register before May 1st!

Java Teacher


You will need to bring a laptop with Windows, Mac or Linux OS installed.

Optional Add-Ons

Teaching AP Computer Science A
Intro to Git and GitHub

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Getting Started with Minecraft Education Edition

  • Getting Access
  • Installing
  • Minecraft Basics: Moving, Grooving, and Building
  • Education Edition Specifics: Blackboards, cameras, photo books, multi-user collaborative environments, etc.


Build an Interactive Lesson on a Topic of Your Choosing



Coding in Minecraft

  • Installing Code Builder
  • Programming your Robot Buddy
  • Snapping together code blocks the visual way
  • Exploring what you can do


A-maze-ing Challenge: Write Code to Help Your Robot Navigate a Maze



Hey, This is JavaScript!

  • Flipping to text mode write code directly
  • Just enough JavaScript
  • Variables
  • Loops
  • Conditionals
  • Functions


Build Functions You Can Reuse: Teach Your Robot to Gather Resources and Build



Lesson Plans

  • Finding Existing Lesson Plans
    • From Coding to Chemistry to Shakespeare!
  • Creating Your Own Lesson Plans
  • Sharing Your Lesson Plans
  • Joining the Community of Instructors


Build a Lesson Plan Around a World You Build!



Beyond Minecraft

  • Introducing JavaScript Outside of Minecraft
  • Learn What You Can Do with JavaScript Beyond Minecraft
    • Web Sites
    • Desktop Apps
    • Mobile Apps
  • Write a Simple Browser App with JavaScript
  • Engaging Students with Code


Team Building Challenge! Build a Lesson Plan You Can Share!

Don't wait! We only have 12 seats per class!

Your Students Will Thank You!

June 25 - 29

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