Cristian Ventura

About Cristian

Having set my mind on pursuing a career in web development, I started at a local technical college. While completing a degree program at Gwinnett Technical College, I realized I needed to sharpen up my hands on skills. I felt like I need something to fill in the gaps a traditional educational approach left. As a result, I came in contact with Code Career Academy. At the time of this writing, I have been here for a little past the halfway point. I feel like that pace at which I've picked up new skills has tremendously increased. The hands on approach and wide range of knowledge offered by instructor, Jeff Ammons, has really made a positive impact. I have learned to approach web development with a different mentally. To make a long story short, I am more than happy to have made the decision of attending Code Career Academy. I look forward to taking on new projects with new newly achieved skills.


Any related to web development / programming and anything related to marital arts.