Cynthia Crafter

About Cynthia

After spending over two decades in IT, I was stuck in a rut. I had essentially supported the same app and performed the same duties for the last 7 years. The tools and processes that I was using were outdated and antiquated. It was at this point I decided to make a monumental change to get out of my mid-career slump. I began to sign up for online courses and tutorials to invigorate my career. Although I was learning new individual skills and syntax, I was unable to build a fully integrated functional project. This is where Code Career Academy came in. The projects-based education was invaluable. I was not only able to work on individual skills but was able to apply those skills to build practical apps and sites. Now I can combine two loves –technology and stock market trading. I am looking forward to writing tools/apps for all things fintech. Thanks Jeff!


Running, Kickboxing, Cooking, and all things Stock Market!

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