Who Should Apply?

Our program is great for:

  • Recent Grads (High School or College)
  • Career Changers
  • Programmers who want to learn new technologies and skills

Whether you are starting a career, changing careers or trying to advance in your current career we can help!

In-Demand Tech

We don't want to teach you technologies that won't get you hired. It's as simple as that.
We focus on the skills companies want.

  • JavaScript
  • C# and .Net
  • SQL

If you master these three languages, you will qualify for a HUGE number of jobs.

Try this:
Go to CareerBuilder.com, enter your ZIP code and search for JavaScript, .Net, and then SQL.
How many jobs did you find? How much do they pay?
Would you like to qualify for one?

Real World Practices

In addition to learning the technologies companies want, you'll learn how to function on a team by working on real projects using the processes and methodologies real companies use. You will have the choice of working on your own projects, open source projects or applications sold by us. In all cases you will have actual experience working on production code.

We follow Agile methodologies so you will adapt your projects to changing requirements to deliver value from the first sprint to your final delivery.

When you're done you'll have a portfolio of work for employers to see and real experience for your resume!