Want a Career in Programming?

We don't just teach you to
write code, we help you
build a career.

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Need an Alternative to College?

A Computer Science degree
is an excellent choice,
but not everyone has the
time or money.

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Want a new career with a future?

Some of the top careers in the world involve writing code. Let us help you start your new career today!

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Need New Skills?

Tech changes fast,
we'll help you keep up!

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News and Announcements

Now Accepting Applications for Summer Session 2017

Code Career Academy is now accepting applications for our Summer Session.


We can accept a max of 12 full-time and 12 part-time students, so apply ASAP!


23 Week Immersion ProgramSkills and experience ASAP!

Our program is broken into the following classes:
  • Introduction to Web Development (3 weeks)
  • Front-End Web Development (5 weeks)
  • Back-End Development with Node.js and the MEAN Stack (3 weeks)
  • Back-End Development with C# and the Microsoft Stack (7 weeks)
  • Data and Advanced Topics (5 weeks)

The last week of each class is a project work week so you have plenty of time to fill up your portfolio with polished work!

Plus your classes are taught by a Pluralsight author!

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In Demand Languages == Jobs!

We teach you:
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • SQL
  • That is a powerful combination for finding a great job!

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Continuing Education!

As a programmer you never stop learning!

Our Continuing Education Classes help you keep your skills razor sharp.

Since these classes are geared for working programmers, they are offered in evenings and on weekends.

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Corporate Training

We can train your employees too!
We can teach
  • On-site
  • In our classrooms
  • Event style

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