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Tech changes fast,
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A Computer Science degree
is an excellent choice,
but not everyone has the
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What Our Students Say

I had previously been exposed to programming through college. I quickly realized that college was lacking the hands on approach that I wanted. The solution to my problem was Code Career Academy.

After two months of applying and interviewing for jobs, I landed my first .NET software developer position. I can honestly say I made the perfect choice by choosing Code Career Academy.

18 Week Immersion ProgramSkills and experience ASAP!

Tech We Cover:
  • Front-End Web Development
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery
    • Angular.js
    • Calling REST APIs
  • Back-End Development with C# and the Microsoft Stack
    • C#
    • ASP.Net MVC & Web API
    • SQL & SQL Server
    • Entity Framework
    • Building Web APIs
  • Data and Advanced Topics
    • Algorithms
    • Algorithm Analysis
    • SQL Profiling & and Indexing
    • Getting a Job and Career Management

Plus most of our classes are taught by a Pluralsight author and Microsoft MVP!
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In Demand Languages == Jobs!

We teach you:
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • SQL

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Career Help Too!

Our experienced team will also help you launch your career with:

  • Resume Assistance
  • Social Media Presence Building
  • Practice Interviews

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